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Duration: 1 min
Format: FullHD (12fps)



COVID-19 has reached the chicken coop. While the other chickens carry on clucking, Salme-Nelly learns to speak.


Cast & Crew

Voices of Hens: Laura Niils, Sveta Bogomolova

Idea: Urmas Nimetu
Directors: Sveta Bogomolova, Urmas Nimetu
Designer: Sondra Lampmann
Designer’s assistant: Erik Alunurm
Animator: Dashka Dementeva
Music and sound: Karl Petti

Kaader filmist

Acknowledgments & Festivals

Mister Vorky – Internation Festival of Cinema Art (Serbia, 2024)

32nd Croatian One-Minute Film Festival COMMF (Croatia, 2024)

Anilogue International Animation Festival (Hungary, 2023)

AniMaroolic, International Festival of Animation (Croatia, 2023)

Selected to top 15 ideas at oneminutefilm contest by Estonian Film Institute 2023


Minutifilmide varjatud potentsiaal (Kaspar Viilup, Sirp 28.07.2023)

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