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Plankfilm is a small filmcompany located in Tartu, Estonia.

We produce short films and documentaries, educational and interactive films and animation. We provide location services in South-East-Estonia, help with casting and location scouting.

Our mission is to bring world-class film production to Southern Estonia and help local talents to the world.


Urmas Reisberg (photo by Fotoloom)Plankfilm is founded by writer and filmmaker Urmas Reisberg, also known as Nimetu. Graduated from Tallinn Baltic Film and Media School, Urmas has 20 years of experience with films, educational and corporate videos.


Get in touch

Phone: +372 524 4705 (Urmas Reisberg)
Meet us: Kalevi 17, Tartu 51010, Estonia

Why film in Tartu?

Tartu is a lovely university town in the Baltics, 250 km from Riga (Latvia), 200 km from Tallinn (Estonia) and 150 km from Pskov (Russia). Tartu hosts two international film festivals (Tartuff, World Film Festival) and is known as the town of good thoughts.

Productions in Tartu can get financial cash-rebate support from Tartu Regional Film Fund and Estonian Film Institute.
Plankfilm Kinokompanii Karlovas

Company Details

Plank Film OÜ
Address: Kuperjanovi 70-12
50409 Tartu, Eesti
Code: 12553483
VAT: EE101672078
IBAN: EE047700771001208130 (LHV Pank AS)

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