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Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

“Smoke Sauna Sisterhood” is a film about Estonian women who gather in the darkness of a smoke sauna to share their innermost secrets and intimate experiences, washing off the shame trapped in their bodies.

Directed by Anna Hints and produced by Marianne Ostrat (Alexandra Film) “Smoke Sauna Sisterhood” is the first Estonian documentary selected to Sundance film festival (and to win the Directing Award).

“Smoke Sauna Sisterhood” was mostly filmed in South Estonia and Tartu. Plankfilm provided production managers’s services.

During the first shooting period (2018-2020), Urmas Reisberg, founder of Plankfilm, arranged locations, equipment, transport, catering etc. Working closely with the director and producer (Eero Talvistu by that time), he also helped to find the core idea of the film and made the preliminary production schedule. Later Urmas contributed also as a B-camera cinematographer.

“Smoke Sauna Sisterhood” is currently sold by Autlook Filmsales to over 20 territories including North-America, Australia and most of Europe.

Shooting Smoke Sauna Sisterhood


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Producer: Marianne Ostrat
Co-producers: Juliette Cazanave, Hlin Johannesdottir, Anna Hints
Writer-Director: Anna Hints
Cinematographer: Ants Tammik
Sound designer: Huldar Freyr Amarson
Editors: Hendrik MƤgar, Tushar Prakash, Qutaiba Barhamji, Martin MƤnnik, Anna Hints

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